San Teodoro Beaches

Sardinia is without any doubt one of the most popular destinations for those who want to have a holiday by the sea: crystal clear waters and long white beaches that have nothing to envy to the far Caribbean beaches. A very popular destination is without doubt San Teodoro, a small village located in the north-western part of Sardinia, made famous for its breathtaking beaches and coves.

If you have never been to San Teodoro, surely some of your friends have told you about these fantastic beaches, but what are the most beautiful beaches of San Teodoro? During the check-in, our clients ask us information about the beaches in the area and while they admire their beauty represented by the different pictures hanging in the agency, two are the most frequent questions: do these beaches really exist? Where are they located? Actually, this beauty makes them a bit skeptical, because for the common imagination these beaches only exist abroad. And yet we were really lucky, mother nature has given us these fantastic beaches, easily accessible without having to travel thousands of kilometres.

What are the best beaches in San Teodoro?

We can hardly answer this question with a ranking, both because it is a subjective question and because all the beaches in the area are actually very beautiful. They extend along 37 km of coast, between beaches made up of fine sand and shallow waters and granite cliffs which, thanks to the action of atmospheric agents, form particular figures: one of them is the famous Cala Girgolu turtle.

Isuledda Beach

It is certainly not one of the largest in San Teodoro, but it certainly reflects the constant characteristic of the beaches in the area: shallow, crystal clear water, very fine white sand with golden hues. Behind the beach stretches the unfailing Mediterranean scrub: an expanse of oleanders, myrtle and juniper plants that during the sultry summer days give off a unique scent.

How to reach Isuledda from San Teodoro

The beach of Isuledda is about 3 km from the centre of Teodorino and can be reached by taking the provincial road SP1 south towards Porto Ottiolu, turning left at the junction for Residence Miriacheddu.

La Cinta Beach

It is certainly the most famous beach, both for its proximity to the city centre and because it is the longest beach: in the shape of a belt or crescent, it is almost 4 km long, made up of very fine white sand and with very shallow seabed, suitable for families with children. Also this beach has the characteristic of having a pond with a luxuriant Mediterranean scrub: its green colour is divided by the blue of the sea and the white of the beach, creating a succession of chromatic contrasts.

How to reach La Cinta from San Teodoro

The beach of La Cinta is about 2 km from the centre of San Teodoro in a northerly direction and can be reached by proceeding along Via del Tirreno, following the road signs. Our Residential Centre Le Canne is 500 metres from the beach.

Cala Brandinchi Beach

It is commonly called Little Tahiti, it is of breathtaking splendour. Surely it is the most crowded in summer, so you have to go early in the morning to find a comfortable place. The shallowness of its seabed makes it unique in the area for its chromatic contrasts and for the swimming pool effect present in summer days with flat sea. Behind it there is a pinewood, useful to find refreshment during the summer sunrise. According to historical news, Giuseppe Garibaldi set sail from here on October 18, 1867 to attempt the liberation of Rome, once he had escaped from Caprera.

How to reach Cala Brandinchi from San Teodoro

The beach of Cala Brandinchi is about 10 km from San Teodoro and can be reached by taking the SS 125 Orientale Sarda in a northerly direction towards Olbia.

Lu Impostu Beach

Also known as the Brandinchi port, throughout the 18th century it was the scene of hidden commercial traffic with the hinterland. Separated from the beach of Cala Brandinchi only by a small promontory. The beach is very similar to Cala Brandinchi: very clear waters with intense chromatic contrasts, sandy shore formed by white sand. Access to the beach is preceded by a car park and a small ford of the pond behind the beach.

How to reach Lu Impostu from San Teodoro

The junction to the beach of Lu Impostu is located in Lu Fraili, about 7 km from San Teodoro, always on the main road Orientale Sarda.

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