What to do in San Teodoro

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What to do in San Teodoro? You will be spoilt for choice! So we answer at the reception during check-in. San Teodoro, famous seaside resort, known for the beauty of its beaches is not only sea and sun but much more. If during your holiday you want to dedicate a few days to the culture and history of Sardinia, follow our advice, you can visit many places of interest around San Teodoro.

Visit the Museum of the Sea Civilizations

The structure, in the locality Lu Niuloni, exhibits both the finds found near the town of San Teodoro and those found in the sea. These finds testify the ancient and intense commercial activities in the area. Inside there is also a library and an information point for the Protected Marine Area Tavolara – Punta Coda Cavallo. More information on the institute’s website.

Archaeological Park of Arzachena

It is located on the edge of the village of Arzachena, it is a very large and interesting park from an archaeological point of view. There are eight sites with various paths that will allow visitors to understand the pre-Nuragic and Nuragic period of our region. It is very interesting because it includes several nuragic complexes, giants’ tombs and necropolis. Managed by the company Ge.Se.Co, we advise you to buy the cumulative ticket to visit all the sites of the park.

Nuraghe la Prisgiona

It is a very important nuragic complex consisting of a central nuraghe with two side towers and a village of about 100 huts. The state of conservation is quite good, it can be visited inside, in the courtyard there is a well, in which various finds have been found.

Tomb of the giants of Coddu Vecchiu

A funerary work belonging to the Nuragic civilization, it dates back to about 2500 B.C., it is a monument consisting of multiple burials with a corridor dolmen about 10 metres long. It is certainly one of the most important examples in Sardinia and has a stele composed of two distinct and overlapping parts.

The Nuragic cult of the waters

Guided tour at the Sacred Fountain of Su Tempiesu in Orune, the sanctuary village of Romanzesu in Bitti, the Nuragic sanctuary of Noddule in Nuoro, the Tombs of the Giants in Madau and the Nuragic sanctuary of Gremanu in Fonni. A day to discover the ancient history of Sardinia, in the places of the spirit, in the magnificent Nuragic civilization. The itinerary is organised by a young tourist service company in Nuoro, Nooraghe srls.

Moon Valley

Known as Valle della Luna or Cala Grande, it is a small valley made up of granite boulders shaped over time by the force of wind and water. It is located within the territory of Santa Teresa di Gallura and is about 4 km from it. Towards the end of the sixties it was chosen as a home by hippies and naturists and it was coined this name by them because of the particular white hue of the moonlit rocks.

Su Gorroppu: karst gorge in Sardinia

The Gorroppu gorge is a deep canyon located in Supramonte on the border of the Orgosolo and Orzulei territory. This gorge is due to the intense erosive actions of the river Rio Flumineddu is considered the highest in Italy and among the highest in Europe. The presence of several nuragic huts on site represent its strategic-defensive function. It can be visited starting from three distinct points with different levels of difficulty. For more information please consult the website of the company that manages it.

Mamoiada the country of the Mamuthones and masks

A small village situated in the centre of Sardinia in the Barbagia region, it has become famous for its traditional carnival and its masks. the Mamuthones and the Issohadores have become the symbol of the village. The Mamuthones, curved men under the weight of cowbells, with their faces covered by a mask, move slowly in a cadenced manner on two parallel rows. The Issohadores escort them with more agile steps and leaps, dressed in a white mask and red bodice and throw the lace capturing the young women and then release them immediately afterwards. In recent years he has become famous for the production of Cannonau wine and for his culinary specialities, especially during the Autumn in Barbaglia event.

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